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Just like the title says:

1. Trinity Zill O'll Zero.
The trailer just got released yesterday in the E3 event. Too bad the genre changed from pure RPG into ARPG, but I hope they won't change the unique gloomy-feeling of Zill O'll's world or I won't call this one as part of Zill O'll series.

2. Assasin's Creed 2.
This series is the only non-Japanese-made series that holds my interest so far. Well, Prince of Persia did too at first only, but it lost to Assasin's Creed. Anyway, I'm playing the first one now, hopefully I can finish it before 2 is released :3 And one last thing, the in-game graphic in 1 is already super awesome, despite it was made , what, almost 3 years ago?

3. Castlevania - Lords of Shadow
Was really happy when I found out about a new Castlevania for PS3, but it also makes me sad that they canceled the previous plan of making a direct sequel of Symphony of the Night and instead changed what wasn't related with Castlevania at all (Lords of Shadow) into the new title for the next-gen consoles *kicks Kojima* I guess we should wait until they reveal the story and how will they connect it w/ Castlevania's timeline/storyline.

4. Metal Gear Solid - Rising.
Well, I guess I only need one word for the reason : Raiden. We'll play as Raiden on his MGS : Guns of Patriot form, and it will be an action game instead of tactical espionage.
BTW, I don't know what was Kojima thinking when he decided to make a new MGS title for PSP called MGS: Peace Walker (the trailer can be found on the site too). 4 Old Snakes.....and the last part of the trailer is really ridiculous.....*swt*

5. Final Fantasy XIII
Shouldn't forget about this too, thou I was kinda skeptic w/ the game when I played the trial version, but let's pray that it's because they only focus on showing the battle system, that the trial felt quite boring.

Well, I guess that's all for this year's? buying-list *ded* FYI, beside Assasin's Creed, I've ordered Blade Storm - Hyakunen Sensou and am planning to buy Shin Sangoku Musou 5 the Best which will be released next month. So, apparently, Koei is dominating my game list followed by Ubisoft for now (^^;)

These are the pics when I opened my Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete Cloud Black Edition (it's a hell long name, eh?) package >3Collapse )



Autumn session has finished, am waiting for one final exam next Friday.

Nothing special happened in these past 3 months except in April:
1. Dad and Mom came to Sydney from 19-24 April, stayed with them from 19 to 22.
2. Managed to buy PS3 Cloud Black from Play Asia, and it arrived on my birthday, 20 April XD

Need to upload photos first, so I'll post again later or tomorrow :3

asdfghjk T___T

It's OS again already? O___o >____> ;____; *heads desk*


Square-Enix has opened the preordering session for FF ACC+ 160GB HDD PS3 again~~~ But why is Play Asia still on "Announced / preorders opening soon" status??? >_> Please, let them be able to get some, so that I don't need to buy from Yes Asia... _o_

Hakkenden 11 will be released next month, should I order vol 1-3 along with 11? Since I don't think there're any other titles that I'd like to buy beside Hakkenden for now (and the still-no-news-about-the-tankoubon-release-schedule for Kitakami-sensei's Michizure Policy despite it has been almost 1.5years since the first chapter was released on the magazine....).

And talking about Kitakami-sensei, her first tankoubon, Hitorijime Theory, is going to be dramatized! Kinda funny because her first drama cd was from her second tankoubon, Honenuki ni Saretai ^^; But I'm worried about the cast, since it's Libre itself who produces the CD, and honestly, I don't really like their taste on choosing the seiyuu for some titles, and that includes Honenuki ni Saretai T____T
How I wish it was Movic who handles this series (Michizure is the spin-off of Hitorijime), so Yuu or/and Kon-chan would have bigger chance to be one of the main characters ;___; And please, if you're going to use Morimori again, don't put him as (one of) the uke, pleaseeeee?

EDIT : 日丸屋君、なんですかそのプ(ロイセン)祭りは?ここんとこ、ブログでのプちゃんの出現率は高ギルよ、まあ、こっちが涙が出るほどの幸せを感じているけど。ただ、多すギルと身が持たないよ。これ、確実にファンを萌え死にさせるつもりだね。。。
Can't resist this quiz, thanks to emrldhrt9788

I know you want to click it XDCollapse )



The price of Hanaoto's Houbunsha manga in Sydney Kino changed from AU$12.17 into AU$16.26, while the original price is raised from 562円 to 600円. But "Taiyou no Kikoushi" (Chara Comics) is only AU$14.72 with the original price is 630円 (Chara has various prices despite the manga being on the same label, so I just chose the most expensive price for comparison). And I'm 99% sure that these books came into the store on the same time (this week), because none of the titles of which the prices I used to compare were available last week. So there's no such thing as 1 week difference that could make the price differs in this case T______T
I really can't understand the formula/rate system Sydney Kino uses to calculate the prices into AUD.
And what makes me want to cry is, one of the book that I've planned to buy since the release announcement came out a couple of months ago is Hanaoto's....*ded*
And now I'm really afraid to think how much will the other titles (that I'm going to order next week) be if Yen isn't getting better (or weaker? still confused about this kind of stuff) in the next few weeks.....

I wasn't really affected with the newest monetary crisis up until today, thou I know it's happening again. I guess the reason is here in OZ, most of the products (groceries especially) are made in Australia, so there's (almost to) no increasing price. But seems like I need to wake up now, because it's all about imported things in Kino where some of the prices can jump really high thanks to the crisis....*head desk*

*doesn't feel sleepy anymore because of this....*

[EDIT] :
And I need Kon-chan's uke ("Super Hisho ni Kyuusoku wa Nai")~~~~~ Still can't find it, while last month, some of the titles even came out 3-4days earlier than the release dates. どうしてこんな時に限って出るのが遅いんだよ(泣)



さっき電話があったけど携帯のスクリーンには相手の電話番号じゃなくてwitheldって書いてあるからてっきり実家からと思って電話に出てきた。そして向こうから聞こえたのは聞き覚えが無い男の人の声でしかも英語でしゃべったのよ。彼が父さんの中国での仕事仲間って言われた時ビックリした、あたしに何の用かなって思う訳よ。それを言ったら彼が英語はあまり得意じゃないから中国語で話せてもいいかって。。それは困るなあたしがいた。。そしてなんと彼がジャヴァニスならどうってもっと驚きましたよ。うん。混乱するあたしには彼がいきなりインドネシア語で自分はRさんだと打ち明けた。Rさんは確かに父さんの中国絡みの仕事仲間なんだけど正真正銘の中国系(あたしもそうだけど残念ながら中国語は苦手なんだ、父さんと違ってな)のインドネシア人だ。。うう、ちょっと騙された気分だよ。。しくしく。。とにかく、電話を掛ける理由はあまり分からないままちょっと世間話しました。ていうか、父よ、末娘の状況は全部あの人に話せるんだな。。。なんてこったい。。。∑(°◌°  )

そんな事があったがあたしは今心配してるのは月曜のことだよ(上の事とどんな繋がりなんだ?)、つまり、通訳の最終試験。。。怖いよ。。。勉強したくてもどのように勉強すればいいのか分かんないよ。。 ‖‖(‐_‐)っ


This year's F1....


Just in case, if you support/like a particular F1 driver (hint: it's his 2nd year in F1), I suppose you shouldn't read or even click the cut-link >)

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*goes back to start doing her essays play Valkyrie Profile : Toga o Seou Mono for a bit >3*


Fandom Meme


Tagged by shiroki_kun.

1. List your top seven ships
2. Put all of them in order of your love for them; 7 to 1, 1 being your favorite.
3. Name their fandom.
4. Supply photos for said people.
5. Tag seven people.

No need to be BL pair, straight or even yuri pair is accepted, also 2D character, 3D character or human :)

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I tag anyone who wants to do this meme XD; *適当すぎ*

*goes back to lurk again until the Spring term ends, which is next month*


I hate Pict Press >____>
If you don't understand why, the 2 links above are the 2 newest HijiGin and GinHiji anthologies released by Pict Press this month. And they came out when I thought I can take a break in ordering book from Kino next month (August)...Oh well, now I can only hope that my last order won't come until mid August, at least :o

Spring semester will start tomorrow..argh~ I can't believe holiday has ended ;___;

*goes back to play Persona 4*